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MSPY Review (My Personal Experience Of Using)

I really believe my detailed mSpy review is a guide for choosing a product that you’d like. I write it according to my experience only, it’s absolutely honest and free from any unchecked information. I will also try to keep my review updated and will add information if there are important changes in the program, I believe, this review will not lose its actual quality later.

For some official details from the developer, you can visit the company’s site of mSpy: 

Complete Testing

To make this review maximally useful I write only data about features that I was using myself. Usually several months is enough to know pretty sure what the product is about and to decide if to keep using it or to check something another. I started to use mSpy software to monitor more than 12 months ago but I didn’t write on it. The quality was on a normal level but there was almost no difference with others programs that I had, so I did not feel I shall speak about online mobile monitoring.

Starting from the Newest Features

Being an experienced user of the software, I liked one thing: they are really changing and updating their features constantly, so you’ll get a renewed product always. In 2016  the company created a list of new offers. The company’s previous product for limited monitoring of Apple devices was canceled and is not available now, however, the company created a new feature that allows monitoring Apple phones and tablets without Jailbreak. This type of monitoring is quite limited but it gives some portion of information when there’s no other choice. What’s interesting – now it goes as a part of a basic package and goes without any additional payment.
The company also developed a Keylogger program that works with a wide range of Operative Systems. It is also about to be the first company that can monitor Tinder and to give unlimited access to all information that is sent or received via Tinder including pictures and other files. The company also developed new feature for monitoring Snapchat.

Which Devices It Is Compatible With

Both phones and tablets are available for monitoring. It’s important to check the compatibility of software and the Operative System of a device. What it requires:

  • Android Gadgets – up to 4
  • Apple devices up to version 9.0.2

The software shall work properly on phones with the above-mentioned operative systems but it’s better to go to mSpy’s website and to find the name and model of your cell phone in their detailed on-line list. It’s also necessary to check if a certain feature is completely compatible with your device because the same package can introduce slightly different features to different phones.

What About Some Extra Features?

The company provides not only standard features but also some additional services. I will specify them below:

Monitoring Messenger Services – will monitor activity on main messengers that are rarely affordable for standard track systems. These features available for Android devices after rooting and also for Jailbroken Apple devices.

  • Block of Calls – this allows deciding which phone numbers will not make a successful call on a target user device.
  • Blocking Internet Sites – this function makes some sites blocked so the user can’t visit them.
  • App Control – now you can view a list of apps that are on the target phone and pick up those that shall be banned.
  • Keylogger – a new and quite interesting feature that provides information on what was typed on the phone. you monitor.

Optional Features allow choosing how you want to get the required information. You shall also set certain locations where a report will be immediately sent to you and the frequency of getting a report.

Security – the company offers more for the security of your children. The program can lock the phone, card, number or certain information, delete certain apps and much more.

No Jailbreak? It’s possible!

This is something really new! The service you’ll get without Jailbreak is very limited, but still, a good alternative in the case when there is no another choice.

Principles of Work

Usually, it isn’t possible to monitor any Apple phone without Jailbreak. But mSpy offers some solutions to get information without Jailbreak. It’s a limited version of a spy program that will show you only some pieces of information and very often with a delay. It’s also required to have iCloud service on the target phone and to know ID and password that every Apple user has. However, no physical reach to the target phone is needed.

What it allows to monitor: information about calls, messages, contact list, internet logs, notes and some popular messengers like Skype and WhatsApp.

The company doesn’t require any fee for mSpy installation monitoring program, it’s simply an extra feature for users who are buying the software but it’s also impossible to buy the feature as a separate program.

What’s Special?

Another interesting feature of mSpy is a MAssistence.  This is created for those users who feel worried when it is about several technical moments like downloading and those want the program to be installed absolutely correctly. To get this you should pay additional fee that is around 43-44$. Remote assistant will Jailbreak your device and install mSpy app.

This is a good concept but for most users, it’s absolutely useless. There’s no problem with installing and using monitor mSpy software so who will need this service? I haven’t purchased this service but I haven’t felt there is a need for this, so you should better check other reviews about how useful it is.

The company gives a guarantee to return your money if the service doesn’t make you happy, you can return your money back.

Another thing to admit is calling support service. Not all companies give that opportunity, here you can call technical support directly without waiting a long time before getting an e-mail answer.

You can currently try free version of spy software – just like many others, mSpy has a demo version free to try. I’d advise you to check it to understand if the software acceptable for your needs.


The company offers two variants of packages: Basic and Premium. Basic Package includes: getting information on calls and SMS, checking web history, location, etc. All those special features I’ve described above are for Premium Package.
Now about costs. For sure, they can change, so it’s better to check them on the official site.

The longer the term is the less is the cost of a program, but if you buy it the first time or you have no need to use it longer – it’s possible to purchase a package for 1 month only. And maximal period is 12 months.

You can also monitor your PC. And they give a discount if you buy several licenses.

Reliability of the Company?

I have no hesitations in the company’s being honest. They surely have real offices in the USA and UK. Their phone number is also real and available. They also use Pay-Pal paying system which is a good sign. And what’s nice: they return money back if you don’t like something.
I’ve also noticed their service is improved within the last months.

About disadvantages

The spy program works normally. It is almost on the same quality level as others in the spy sphere.
I really don’t like several additional features what company sells, most of them are absolutely useless and are clearly part of marketing promotions. When you dealing with the site be careful and think twice before purchasing something more than regular – it can be another useless feature in a present box. It can be an upsetting problem for those who are buying their products the first time, it’s easy to be slightly confused about what you really need.

I wouldn’t advise their feature that allows them to monitor the phone without Jailbreak –  use it only in the case if there’s no other choice. It’s very limited and allows to get report with information that is delayed. It may be good for monitoring the actions of smaller children whether it is really necessary.

Do You Need It?

I’m always confused with answering the question. There’s no doubt that the company is popular but to make the right decision you shall also check the conditions of its competitors and see if they have something more appropriate for you.

Mobile Spy used to be the main competitor of the company for a long time, but now it’s impossible to hide their icon – an undoubted evidence of being monitored. If there’s no problem for you – you can check them.

If you are looking for more advanced services and slightly better quality and you are not afraid to spend some extra money – you shall check mSpy.

I really hope that providing all the details above and my personal opinion on the services in my mSpy review will be useful while making a choice and deciding if the company deserves your attention.


Tech expert

Elizabeth Harrington