Spy Apps Reviews For Android And iPhone

MSPY Review: Based On My Personal Use

This review is going to get in handy for everyone torn between products that are the same yet have some distinctive features. This article is my unbiased opinion and I will not let you know anything that might confuse you even more. The information is reliable and checked – you can be sure of it. 

I believe my review won’t lose its value later on. 


To let you get the most out of this review, I narrowed down the list features to those used by me. 

Usually, you need a few months to decide whether your paths with the product will be crossed or not. 

In my case, I became the user of MSPY 12 months ago. Everything went smoothly for me and I didn’t see much difference from the apps I had used before. So I had no reason to start sharing my experience.

But then I spotted something different. And it impressed me so much I took my laptop and started doing something unusual: writing a review. 

New features keep flooding in 

Let me start with the things I like most. These guys are sweating out to make the product best. As a result, you always get a renewed product for the same price. Its previous product for limited iOS monitoring was pulled back, but instead, a company offered a brand-new feature: monitoring iOS phones and tablets with no jailbreaking. Information you can vacuum out is limited, however, it gives you a hint when there is no other way. For an icing on the cake, I put the fact that this feature goes with a basic package with no additional payment required. 

MSPY also developed a Keylogger program that works with a wide range of Operative Systems.

Also, they are going to be the first product to monitor Tinder with unlimited access to all information that is sent or received via Tinder, including pictures and other files. The company also developed a new feature for monitoring Snapchat.


You can monitor phones and tablets with the help of MSPY. It’s important to check the compatibility of software and the Operative System of a device first. MSPY works on:

  • Android Gadgets – up to 4
  • Apple devices up to version 9.0.2

With these systems, it works well, but you have to constantly check for updates on the official website, because, as I said before, the company never stops improving its features and services. 

It’s also necessary to check if a certain feature is completely compatible with your device because the same package can provide slightly different features for different phones.

mSpy Extra features 

Among the most incredible additional features, I would highlight these ones. 

  1. Monitoring Messenger Services – you can monitor activity on main messengers that are rarely affordable for standard track systems. These features are available for Android devices after rooting and also for Jailbroken Apple devices.
  2. Blocking Calls – this allows deciding which phone numbers won’t make it to reach the target phone. 
  3. Blocking Internet Sites – this function makes some sites blocked so the user can’t visit them.
  4. App Control – now you can view the list of apps on the target phone and pick up those to ban.
  5. Keylogger – a new and quite interesting feature that provides information on what was typed on the phone. 
  6. More security for children. You can block the phone, card, numbers, and delete apps you don’t find appropriate for kids. 

With a pack of additional features, you easily decide where and how the information will be delivered to you, as well as the frequency of getting reports. 

No jailbreak — possible  

Some features won’t require a jailbreak to start monitoring. The list is very limited but it exists, and, who knows, maybe it will be enough for you to avoid jailbreaking and getting off everything you need. 

How this may work? 

mSpy offers some solutions to get information without Jailbreaking iOS. It is limited down to some pieces of information delivered that are often delivered with a delay.

It’s also required to have iCloud service on the target phone and to provide ID and password. However, no physical reach to the target phone is needed.

Without jailbreaking you will be able to monitor: calls, messages, see contact list, internet logs, notes, and get into popular messengers like Skype and WhatsApp.

The company doesn’t charge you for the mSpy installation monitoring program, it’s simply an extra feature for users who bought the software, it is impossible to buy the feature as a standalone program.

Anything special?

Yes, there are some nice things I would point out: 

  • MAssistence – a special feature designed for those who lack technical knowledge. For an additional fee of $43-44, you get a personal assistant who does dirty work for you. A nice thing, however, for some may seem useless. 
  • If you’re not happy with the service, the company is willing to make a money return. 
  • Direct calling support service – really useful. Instead of getting an email back with the answer, you just dial the consultant on the website. Cool!

Like many other similar products, mSpy offers a free version to try out. I’d advise you to grasp this opportunity to see whether it’s good for you and do you understand it at all.


The company offers two packages: Basic and Premium. Basic Package includes: getting information on calls and SMS, checking web history, location, etc. All those special features I’ve described above are for Premium Package.

As to the prices. For sure, they can change, so it’s better to check the official website. 

The longer the term of use – the less is the cost of software, but if it’s your first time or you have no need to use it longer – it’s possible to purchase a package for 1 month only. The longest period is 12 months.

You can also monitor your PC. And they give a discount if you buy several licenses.


When it comes to reliability, I’m more than serious. I double-check everything. Here I have no reason to doubt: the company has its offices in the US and UK, their phone numbers are real and everyone can assure they are. They use PayPal for accepting payments, and PayPal doesn’t deal with scammers. They return money in case you’re not completely satisfied with the service. 


I’ve noticed there are some odd features. I’m pretty sure many people don’t ever use them. I kind of have a feeling they just push it in as a part of marketing strategy. Those people who don’t know a thing about the product can get confused and buy additional features that won’t bring any difference to their experience. 

Do you need it?

Well, surely you have to compare mSpy to the rival products first. Mobile Spy, for instance, won’t let you hide the icon of the software on the target device. But it comes at a much lower price. So if you don’t need to hide the icon, you can check Mobile Spy instead. 

If you are looking for advanced services and a better quality of performance, and you are ok with spending more money – opt for mSpy.

I hope my mSpy review will be helpful for you while you’re making your choice and let you stop your search in front of the company that deserves your attention.