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Mobile Spy Review: An Old And Checked Software!

Mobile Spy Review: An Old And Checked Software!

Let’s have a look at Mobile Spy – one of the first spy software developers on the market. We believe that this article will make the concept of spy software more understandable.

Some Information About The Producer

Mobile Spy Company is based in the USA, Florida in 2003. What is interesting: the company uses the same name for all the time so it may mean there’s no fact that they prefer to hide.

You can pay for their software with your credit card or using PayPal system, which is actually a good sign. Do you know that most of scams don’t use PayPal – it simply banns them.

We want to use a chance to give you some info on scammers in this article as there’s something everyone shall know. If you don’t want to be trapped and never see your money – pay attention at several things: how good the site is, if there is real contact information, if they have good ratings and testimonials. Sure, now it’s possible to fake all this information but quite difficult to fake it all.

There are simply great numbers of sites that look fantastic, but only before you start to deal with them. In result, you can get an awful quality of product or nothing at all. That’s why trust is so important. And that’s why this spy app is popular – the company is trusted.

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What It Is Compatible With

The software works with Android, Symbian, iPhone.

The company constantly renews information due to cell phones that they are compatible with on their site. According to this information is frequently updated to check the list on the official site.

Key Features Of Mobile Spy

Being one of the leading companies and having years of experience Mobile Spy offers a wide range of features. Among them: SMS monitoring, GPS check, internet browsing information, calls, phone files (contacts, photos, etc.) and e-mails.

What really differs MobileSpy from others is their pricing policy and the way they create advanced packages. The company offers two main packages: Standard Package and a Premium one. What you should really pay attention at is that basic Standard Package includes many of those features that cost much more in companies of competitors.

Approximate prices for Standard Package (better to check on the site for more accurate data):

  • 3 months – $49.97
  • Half a year – $69.97
  • One year – $99.97

Premium Version has a Live Control Panel and is more advised and comfortable. It can also be purchased for 3 months, half a year or 1 year with approximate costs: 64.97, 89.97 and 139.97 USD.

Unusual Features Of A Standard Package

Alongside with standard features that we’ve already mentioned you will also get:

  • An ability to monitor social media sites. You can easily see what’s going on on main sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Dropbox, BlackBerry, Live, BlackBerry Pin Messages, GTalk, iMessage, Windows Aol and WhatsApp.
  • You can also be able to check MMS messages and a list of installed apps with an ability to block some of them.
  • You can set alerts connected with certain words or numbers. Any time this data is logged you are informed.
  • The software also allows you to perform some actions on the target mobile. You can delete or upload information, get all requested data on SIM card, lock and unlock the phone, etc.
  • You will also get access to an online screen where you can see general details like OS version, Wi-Fi settings, last updates, battery power. The dashboard allows to switch from one monitored phone to another and it also makes it possible to check the information from any proper gadget – whether it’s a phone or a home PC.

Live Control Panel is an Additional Feature for Premium Package. Let’s check what is it about:

  • Using special services allows you to get screenshots of the monitored mobile. The action can be repeated each 90 seconds.
  • GPS Map allows you to monitor any movement of the mobile phone and its holder.
  • The panel allows you to get all or certain information about e-mails. You’ll get a detailed report sent to your e-address.

The company updates information and adds some features – the full list can be found on the site and will respond to the current date. In any case, additional features are not number one priority for most users and aren’t needed sometimes.

Demo Version

Mobile Spy allows to try their product online and to see how it works. Demo Version gives an exact idea of what the program is.
Anything to add?
Many users do not pay attention at several things about monitored software: you can monitor several mobiles at the same time. Buying multiple packages gives you an opportunity to get a discount. There are two types of discounts: for businesses and for families.
One more plus is their free offer of Sniper Spy (for laptop, PC or Mac monitoring).

Is Mobile Spy the best choice?

The real answer depends on the needs of consumers. The company offers nice products for an affordable price, but it has not so comfortable and polished web site and not such a wide range of features as some competitors. It may be a good variant for first acquaintance with spy software.

What is really important is the time that the company stays on the market and those levels of trust and positive attitude that they get.
They can’t be hidden what makes it comfortable only for businesses (fact of using this phone software is never against the law) and it’s also quite nice for controlling smaller children.

Latest information on November 2016!

It’s really important to understand that using the app can’t be hidden anymore. This is an important reason to choose another variant for some users. There’s an icon that appears on the screen of a monitored phone and the company forbids to hide the icon. This also came alongside with deleting some of their features. There are their main competitors like FlexiSpy or mSpy that allow spying secretly and they will probably share a leading place on the market now.