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Mobile Spy Review: An Old And Checked Software!

Mobile Spy Review: An Old And Checked Software!

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Let’s take one more look at Mobile Spy — a software, created by the first spyware developers on the market. We hope this article will bring you closer to the understanding of the concept of spyware.

About the developer

Mobile Spy was founded in Florida, US in 2003. The company never changed its name – an obvious sign that all this time they had nothing to hide. 

You can get the software by purchasing it from the official website, using your credit card or PayPal. The last tells that the product is approved; PayPal bans scammers. 

If you wonder how to prevent yourself from swallowing a bite left by scams, here are some tips: 

  1. Check the website: does it look good? Everything works well? Is it similar to those websites professional services have? 
  2. Go to unbiased testimonials on the web. What do people think of the product? To begin with, has anyone heard of it?
  3. Scroll to the contact information. Is it real? Try contacting them. 

Surely, some of the mentioned can be faked, however, it’s quite hard to fake everything. 

Note that there are plenty of websites looking stunning and reliable. But once you get the product, it may turn out to be just awful. Some of the scammers have cool solid websites but lie about the features and can even leave you without any software (in the worst case). That’s why it’s your mandate to check every one of the things we mentioned above before purchasing software. 

Spy app is widely popular because it is trusted and you don’t have to run in million circles to find proofs.


Spy app works on Android, Symbian, and iPhone. The company constantly updates info about compatible devices on its website. You may want to check the list there if you’re curious about Mobile Spy’s compatibility with your device.

Key features 

Being one of the leading companies with years of experience, Mobile Spy provides a wide range of features. Among them, there are SMS monitoring, GPS tracking, Web browser history tracking, access to calls, phone files (contacts, photos, etc.), and e-mails.

Mobile Spy takes lead over similar products because of its smart pricing policy and decent packages with a whole lot of features.

There are two main packages: Standard and Premium. The greatest thing about Mobile Spy is that its Standard Package has all the features that rival companies offer for much higher prices. Here is how much you pay for each of the packages (for relevant data check the website). 

3 months – $49.97

Half a year – $69.97

One year – $99.97

Premium Version has a Live Control Panel and has an advanced interface. It can also be purchased for 3 months, half a year, or 1 year for $64.97, $89.97 and $139.97 accordingly. 

Outstanding features of Mobile Spy

Along with standard features that we’ve already mentioned, Mobile Spy provides you with the following:

  1. An ability to monitor social media. You can look through Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Dropbox, BlackBerry, Live, BlackBerry Pin Messages, GTalk, iMessage, Windows Aol, and WhatsApp.
  2. MMS messages and list of installed apps with an ability to block some of them.
  3. You can set alerts connected with certain words or numbers. Any time this data is logged, you are informed.
  4. The software also allows you to perform some actions on the target mobile. You can delete or upload information, get all requested data on a SIM card, lock and unlock the phone, etc.
  5. You can get transported to the target device any time and see its details like OS version, Wi-Fi settings, last updates, and battery power. The dashboard allows you to switch from one monitored phone to the other, and it also makes it possible to check the information from any gadget – whether it’s a phone or a home PC.

There is also the Live Control Panel that is an Additional Feature for Premium Package. Let’s check what it is about. 

  • When you use spyware, you can get the screenshots of the monitored mobile. This action can be repeated every 90 seconds.
  • GPS Map allows you to monitor the phone’s location. 
  • This panel gathers information about emails with a detailed report sent to your email. 

The development team behind Mobile Spy never stops adding new features – the full list can be found on the site (with the response to the current date). However, additional features may be something you don’t need at all, so focus on what matters to you. 

Demo Version

Mobile Spy allows you to try the product online and lets you get the idea of it, bringing you to the point where you know is it going to help you or not. 

Is there something else? 

There are more additional features that some people may omit. 

  1. The software allows you to monitor several devices at the same time.
  2. Buying multiple packages gives you a discount. There are two types of discounts: for businesses and families.
  3. A free Sniper Spy is available (for laptop, PC, or Mac monitoring).

Is Mobile Spy still the best choice?

It depends on your needs. It offers a solid pack of features for its price but has some downsides. First, its website may seem not so advanced and polished as some of the others. There are products out there with some advanced features that Mobile spy lacks. However, it is still a clear choice for the first acquaintance with spy software.

The greatest advantage of Mobile Spy is its credibility and trust gained through years of experience. 

You can’t conceal the app on the mobile you want to track, which makes it perfect for business use (installing such an app on the work devices does not break the law) and perfect for controlling little kids.

The latest information as of November 2016

Mobile Spy has announced that no one can hide the icon of the spyware on the monitored device. It is illegal, thus, forbidden. 

At the same time, their rival companies like FlexiSpy or mSpy provides users with an ability to discreetly monitor target devices, and right now hold the biggest pieces of the market.