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FLEXISPY Review: Cracking Passwords Will No Longer Be A Problem

FLEXISPY Review: Cracking Passwords Will No Longer Be A Problem

I’m glad to share my review of this monitoring software. FlexiSpy is taking a leading place on the market, thus, I believe, might be an object of interest for many users. I used this software for some time before but had to stop for the reasons I’m going to reveal today. All I’m sharing is based on my own experience.

To get information from the official site – tap on the link: http://www.flexispy.com/


I used FlexiSpy several years ago but decided to stop because of the price. Their Extreme Package hit me in the pocket a bit. 

After a few years passed, the rival companies started experiencing troubles, so I changed back to FlexiSpy and was pleasantly surprised by the improvements that took place. 

What’s new 

flexispy review
flexispy review

Let’s stay with the interface. It is much more user-friendly than it was years ago. It is nice, modern and allows you to quickly navigate among sections. 

Surely, the design is not everything, but now I’m having this feeling I know exactly what I’m paying for. 

The control panel. The greatest thing they’ve done is restructuring the control panel. It is that dashboard where all the data you need is landed. I think right now it’s much more convenient and requires less time to glue things together and start monitoring. Everything is carefully thought out so everyone can navigate freely with the help of the hints. 


The software works on all Android, iOS, Nokia, and Blackberry devices. iOS has to be jailbroken before installation. 

Here are some more details on this: 

  •  Android devices with OS version up to 6.
  • Apple Devices – up to iOS 9.0.x
  • BlackBerry – up to 7.1
  • Nokia Symbian – based on Anna and Belle.

Note that to successfully run FlexiSpy on the target device, your internet connection must be strong. It’s highly recommended to examine the website carefully before purchasing a certain package as the software can offer different features for different devices.

Installation Service has something new

No need to struggle over the technical part of the installation. An expert will help you remotely, whether it’s rooting Android or jailbreaking iPhone. Just connect the device to your laptop and set time. The service costs $40. It is extremely helpful if you’re not tech-savvy and need to help you out with the whole process. However, for some people it’s not at all obligatory, they might as well sort things out by themselves. 

Basic Services 

There are two types of packages: FlexiSpy Premium with basic features that come at a much lower price and FlexiSpy Extreme with a whole lot of innovations. The premium pack will be good enough for many users, while the FlexiSpy will be at hand for those who require exceptional service. 

On the website, you can find pretty much everything needed to compare two packages and decide between them. 

Chat Messenger Monitoring

SMS is almost dead, being replaced by more convenient and progressive messengers. That’s why all the monitoring solutions on the market make it easy to get into the messenger boxes of the target device. 

FlexifyFree covers around 13 messengers and social platforms, among them: Facebook and its messenger, WeChat, Viber, Skype, WhatsApp, Hangouts, iMessage, Yahoo messenger, SnapChat. The list is constantly updated so don’t forget to check the official website. 

Advanced features 

These features are made for those who need more than just monitoring messengers, see call phones and watch the gallery. With the pack of advanced features you can: 

  • listen to the call conversations live and record them 
  • hear the sounds around the phone and record them 

As of today, FlexiSpy is the only spyware developer on the market that offers this kind of service. They are located outside the US and don’t get troubled with legal issues. You too can use these services freely as long as your purpose doesn’t go beyond the law line. Thus, be sure to check if your intentions go in line with law regulations. 

What makes FlexiSpy stand out

  1. The first reason why people prefer this spyware over many other similar products is that it allows them to hide the icon on the target device. All other spy apps don’t do that. To make it unseen, you have to install one more app (that is not the best in terms of usability) that will erase the sign of software as though it never was there. The developer claims that until the Antivirus finds it, it’s not exposable as well. I have never tried that but let’s assume it is really like this.
  2. Such types of products must be designed with convenience for users at its core. FlexiSpy has surely put in much effort to make it spotless. The website is full of comprehensive videos and hints on how to go through the installation process with the help of a setup wizard. If you face any trouble – you have only asked for help and an expert will tap into it remotely, leaving you with no struggling.
  3. A license you get can be prolonged in case a person you’re monitoring changes the device. With some other spyware, you need to purchase and go through the whole process all over again, while FlexiSpy allows you to seamlessly switch your package plan and start monitoring a new device. 

Customer support 

FlexiSpy has incredible customer support. First of all, you get much information from the website and blog. Their articles are pretty helpful (despite being a part of marketing strategy). The support center works 24/6 with the live chat available on the site. 

I’ve come across several complaints about customer support being unavailable. I did ask for help once twice and both times got immediate feedback. But I’m not the one to judge here cause, first, I’m an experienced user of spyware, and second, I believe it must be hard to maintain 24-hour support for any kind of business. 

The team of FlexiSpy is attentive to details and thoughtful about their relations with clients. On their website, they provided several languages like English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Italian, Russian, Chinese, and Thai in case you don’t know English. 

There’s also a guarantee for getting money back in case service was not satisfying for you. 

Does Flexispy match expectations? 

Almost all features worked properly for me. I’ve heard some complaints about the app being broken down, but I firmly believe the reason was a bad internet connection. To make this software work spotlessly, you have to be ensured there will be no troubles with an internet connection. Especially if you’re planning on intercepting the phone call. In this case, all three participants must have a stable internet connection for proper software performance. This feature works a bit worse than call recording and requires securing a good internet connection for all the call participants.

Recently the feature of listening into the phone calls was upgraded and now it’s possible on Apple and Android devices like iPads and Tablets. You can also listen to conversations on Skype, WhatsApp, and Viber. Note that you will only be able to hear the conversation; your microphone will be muted.


Packages are priced according to their durability. The standard package can go for 1 month, 3 months, and 12 months. FlexiSpy Extreme package has only 2 options for 3 and 12monthes.

Prices for standard features are from 68USD to 149 USD. For advanced: from 199 to 349 USD.

The Standard package is pretty much affordable, but FlexiSpy Extreme is a bit too much. I don’t like that you can’t try out an advanced package, installing it for 1 month, but have to pay for 2 months right away. It would be much fairer to allow customers to check advanced features first. 

A final word 

I think FlexiSpy can satisfy a lot of users. For the great start, you don’t need an advanced package at all. Its basic features will provide you with pretty much everything you need. 

However, if you have special requirements, you may opt for FlexiSpy Extreme and dip your toe into the world of advanced spying (with phone call recording and everything). 

I would also leave this as a reminder: recording of calls is 80% illegal. To successfully do this, your motives must be attributed to the law. Please, make sure your intentions are not violating the law before starting your acquaintance with the software.