We are the community of professionals united with the common goal – children’s Internet safety and corporate data protection. That’s why we put all of our efforts, experience, and knowledge into creating powerful monitoring and parental control tools. 

Spy Phone Tools Team

We are not a huge corporation with thousands of employees. Our team includes only two developers, a tester, and a blogger. We are a small family of people who love their job.

Our Mission

We help to protect what matters the most. To do it took our part into creating the most powerful and universal monitoring and parental control tools. These tools are essential to protect yourself, your family, and your business from every threat from the World Wide Web. If you can see the danger – you can avoid the danger.

We want our products to be as reliable and usable as possible. That’s why every single product and update is meticulously polished to be perfect. So you can enjoy it working on your device with no issues.

Our Users

It would be fair to include you on our team. Because you are the one who makes us do our job. You are the one who gives us the most valuable feedback. And only your support inspires Spy Phone Tools to live and take our part into making the World Wide Web a safer place.

Contact Us

Have a question? Or you want to give feedback? 

Reach us by email here:  info at domain.com

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