FlexiSpy, mSpy or Mobile Spy?

Detailed Phone Spy Software review and Analysis

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We’ve written a detailed review of most important and useful features of spy software phone applications that are market leaders. We hope it will make the situation more clear for you while choosing an app with so many available features that they can make it all so confusing. We will also update the information here as soon as new functions will be added or replaced.

Latest Information – November 2016

Pay attention, please – StealthGenie’s site is temporary closed because of some legal problems. Mobile Spy introduced some changes and now can’t be hidden that makes is less comfortable, moreover developers removed some important features and the program now is not as nice as before. We do not recommend it any more as a top company but it still can be useful for some users.

FlexiSpy, Mobile Spy And mSpy – Let’s Get Started!

All companies are strong competitors getting to the top fiercely, that’s why developers are concentrated on creating new more comfortable features that would make them win the race.

It’s important to check fees attentively on official sites. Not all listed features are included in Basic Package. Using some extra features requires additional fees for buying a Premium Package. It’s also wise to check details connected with type of a device that you plan to monitor beforehand.

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Flexispy Against mSpy

These companies are very alike, offering their product in the same price categories and with main features being almost similar. We’d like to mention some main features: Surrounding Recording, Live Call Intercept and, for sure – Call Recording. These features are main reason for most of the clients to buy software of this type.

buy appmia basicCurrently FlexiSpy is the best in offering all these features and securing their good quality – if connection is good enough, for sure.

After testing Call Recording function we’ve decided that it works quite well with an only but important minus: if there’s no good connectivity or having a break in phone connection – part of a call won’t be recorded.

MSpy limited Call Recording function due to a high risk to have problems with law, but still they have enough grounds to be best-seller in the world of monitoring software.

FlexiSpy and its competitor – mSpy are quite equal. An important thing that differs mSpy is service that allows to spy on a phone without Jailbreaking it – a comfortable feature that makes it possible to spy with no need to install any software on the phone for monitoring.

Prices. If you want to have all possible features – use Flexispy Extreme version. Be ready to pay a high price – being an only company offering all this opportunities for you – Flexispy can set high prices. However, the