How to Spy on Phone and How To Know Whether Spy Software Is Compatible With Your Mobile

One of the most frequent questions is how to know if a software and a phone are compatible. Most of explanations are quite complicated and give more technical information than simple explanations, that’s why we are trying to improve that keeping the information simple.

Before starting to speak about compatibly we’d like to stress on one very important detail: before downloading any spy software you shall be sure you’ve got physical access to the device that you want to monitor. IPhones and other Apple products shall be Jailbroken. Until now we know only one program that works on Apple devices without Jailbreak – it is PhoneSheriff Investigator, that offers quite limited services and has quite different working principles being a PC program.

Just like in the case with Jailbreak of iPads and iPhones some Android devices shall be Rooted, however it’s not always necessary and may be required for some advanced offers only (like monitoring Skype, WatsApp and other independent online messengers).

Smartphones And Nothing Else!

smartphone in the handsSoftware can be downloaded only to those devices that have internet browser and are able to connect to internet. It’s obvious that only smartphones are good enough for this. We’d like also mention that program will work better on that devices that has constant connection to internet. One more important requirement is that the smartphone shall be completely compatible with spy software.

Usually spy software works globally and there’s no difference which internet provider is chosen for the device. The only key conditions for proper work are: internet connection and compatibility with the phone.

Since recently it’s also possible to monitor iPads and Tablets, the process of monitoring is simply similar to how it’s with smartphones. Being an Apple product, iPads shall be Jailbroken.

Compatibility Of The Phone

Most of spy programs are developed for working with certain devices and operating systems only. For example: Stealth Genie works on Black Berry, Android and iPhone. MobileSpy works with the same devices and in addition with Symbian and Windows Mobile. Such software as Flexispy and mSpy is compatitable with Symbian/Nokia, iPhone, Blackberry and Android.

smartphone spywareIt’s necessary to install spy programs to a phone that you want to get information about, this phone is commonly called – the target phone. Different phone types have different software and a different Operative System. The System also has different versions.

When you decide to purchase a spy system – be sure that spy software and the phone’s OS are compatible. It’s also necessary to pay attention not only on name of Operating System but also at its version, as not all versions are usually covered by a certain spy program. You shall also know how to check details about your operation system before choosing a spy program.

Finding you OS Version

If you have an Android phone – check the “settings” – go to “about phone” and there you’ll see which OS version you have.

For the case you have an Apple iPhone – chose “settings”, then “general”, after that go to “about” and check all necessary information there.

For BlackBerry phones – go into “options” and check the version in “about” section.

As soon as you find out which operative system your phone has you are ready to make a choice of a spy software.

best phone spy reviewsMost of spy software developers have their official sites with information that are very helpful while making a choice. It’s quite possible to find a list of phones that are compatible with a program. Sometimes companies even attach pictures of devices to make it easier and faster to find a program that will work for you. If your phone is not in the list – no need to get sad! The main condition for proper work of spy program is a compatible OS and its version.

It’s quite difficult to update the site every time when a new phone model appears or changes the name, moreover models and names of phones can differ due to a country where they are presented. That’s why sometimes it’s a problem to find your phone in the list. In this case the best variant is to contact customer support of the site, it will also give you a clear idea of how easy it’s to contact the company and to get help in time.

Good news: most of smartphones are supported by spy software.

What About iPads and Tablets?

Top producers of spy software are working on covering wider range of devices. Mobile Spy, mSpy and Stealthgenie have already introduced their spy programs for all types of tablets, including iPads. Just like with smartphones, all what is necessary – secure internet and software’s compatibility. Don’t forget also about Jailbreaking for iPads.

What You Shall Know About New Versions Of OS

Those versions of operating systems that are newly released can’t be monitored immediately. Developers on spy software need some time to upgrade their programs to be able to operate with new OS. Usually it takes up to several weeks only. If there is latest version of operative system on a target device, wait some time before purchasing spy programs.