Paid and Free Parental Control Software

Is It Necessary To Download Spy Software To Control Your Children?

Parental control is an important issue of children’ safety and it can be perfectly done with the help of some software. Spy programs allow to get and to control information from internet, messengers etc.

iphone in the handsModern kids are very keen in using technologies. Having a smartphone young kid can get simply anywhere in the internet and get any information. Actually, giving a smartphone to our children we give them a pocket PC. But unlike our PC – that can easily be checked, smartphone requires some advanced technics.

Depending on the situation and on how strongly you need to control your kid’s activity there are several different offers.
If your child is still quite small – all what’s needed is an app with basic features. You can also pay your attention at Mobile Spy Company and its competitor – StealthGenie and those packages that they provide.

Controls from Service Providers

buy appmia basicSome service providers can offer options that are much related to kid parental control apps. They can be paid or even free. The main goal of using these options is to prevent children from spending too much money on calls or internet services.

Some other programs allow blocking access to internet or to certain sites only. There are also those that give you some information due to location of the phone.

In any case those control systems that are offered by some providers are limited and aimed on several actions only. It is ok if this is enough for you, but you shall know there are programs ready to give you more.

Unspecific Apps for Mass-Market

There are controlling software that is commonly used and affordable almost for everyone. It’s easy to purchase and use these applications but they all have one main disadvantage – they are always visible. There is no way to hide any evidence of their presence. For many families it is not a problem, but far not for most. Many teenagers would be very upset if they find out being monitored.

If this not a big deal in your case – pay attention at My Mobile Watchdog Program or a Text Guard App.

How to Use Spy Software for Controlling Your Kids

Spy Software for Controlling Your KidsThose software producers who are now on the top in their sphere have understood that worried parents are their perfect clients.

The main advantage of software offered by these companies is that the fact of monitoring can be hidden.

This helps to avoid many problems with your children and it will allow you not only to control and monitor but also to understand what your children are really interested in.

The program use is legal, especially in the case if you use it to monitor activity of your own children who are underage. Many parents do not use any spy system as they think that spying is not really ethical, but if you’ll think critically and find a good balance between spying and protection – this software may be not the worst thing ever.

We offer you to check a short review on two market leaders among spy software producers and to understand how useful each of them is for parental control app.

Let’s Compare Mobile Spy and StealthGenie from the point of a Worried Parent
Both companies are in constant process of developing new offers and features for monitoring and none of them is going to slow down. They both offer basic features like monitoring sms, calls, mail, location and internet browser.
Not such a long time ago they have presented interesting features for monitoring internet programs for connection – like WhatsApp, Viber etc.

Mobile Spy Software for Control

While the companies are so alike, Mobile Spy still has some unique features to pay attention at:

  • Dealing with mobile applications – this function allows to block all or only some applications, including YouTube, messenger, Facebook etc;
  • Locking and unlocking the phone – it’s possible to block the phone from Control Panel remotely. You also can restrict usage of a phone;
  • Checking the list of installed apps – this service gives you detailed list of those apps that were downloaded to the phone;
  • Dealing with social sites – you can check the activity in social sites whether it is Facebook or WhatsApp.

Parental Control by StealthGenie

Cell-Phone-Spy-How-to-track-a-cell-phoneThis company was among first who understood how important it is to monitor children, creating very comfortable offers for parental apps. Except basic features, they also offer some special ones like:

  • Recording of Calls and Phone Surroundings. Adding this feature the company opened a new horizon for parent control. This is the main advantage of StealthGenie if to compare it with Mobile Spy. This service offers you to listen to anything your child hear. It’s up to you to decide if it’s nice or going too far;
  • Alerts – your children call a number or type a word they shouldn’t? If you specified it before, you’ll get a message about that;
  • Lock the device without even touching it – nice feature that provides additional opportunity for control and safety;
  • Check the list of installed applications – it’s quite a necessary function. However, unlike the previous company, StealthGenie doesn’t allow to block apps.

Both of the programs are useful for parental control and probably are the best choices in the web for that. If to return to comparison – they are not much different between each other and it’s extremely hard to find out which one is the leader. To make a correct choice it’s better to rely on your own feelings and specific needs that you probably have.

Some parents believe that using spy software is not really good thing. We believe, that it can be a perfect variant in some situations that will provide extra safety to your child and will give you an opportunity to be more relaxed while your child is not around.