Easy Steps For Hiding An Icon Of Cydia Application

buy appmia basicHiding an icon is actually an important issue. Using spying tools also requires being careful and finding opportunity to hide some evidences. For some users it will be interesting to be able to make Cydia app invisible after jailbreaking the phone.

Hiding Cydia Icon doesn’t need you to be professional in dealing with software, it’s also easy, fast and absolutely free. After hiding it is difficult to prove that the phone has ever been jailbroken.

Reasons For Hiding Cydia

Using the Cydia software is possible only after Jailbreaking the phone for monitoring. After this, there will be app’s icon on the screen of a target phone, that is not always comfortable, especially in those cases when it’s preferable to keep the fact of monitoring in secret.
Cydia is not an Apple’s app and it is quite easy to remove an icon and not to create any barrier for a program’s normal work.

Detailed Instruction

apps home screen iosFor hiding icons it’s necessary to install an application offered by Cydia called “SBSettings”. It’s free. The app has several function but now we will discuss its ability to hide icons of apps from phone’s screen without any obstacle for a program’s work.

After the app’s installation, go to settings and chose “more” option, after that a menu will appear, where there is a “hide icon” option that is actually needed. The app will show a detailed list of installed application and a function to show or to hide them. Pick the Cydia program from the list of downloaded applications and put it in OFF regime. After this the app’s icon will not be on the device screen
It’s also possible to hide SBSettings icon in the case if you need more conspiracy..
That is done. As the result, the Cydia icon will be gone from the screen but the program itself will continue working without changes and will not be uninstalled. The problem is decided: most noticeable evidence of a phone being monitored is gone, so it’s possible to keep this information from holder or user of the phone. There are possibly other ways to reach that but this one is checked and reliable. Moreover it’s very easy and simple in use.

How To Return The Icon Back?

customize ios app icons without jailbreaking your iphone w654There can be a situation when it’s necessary to return icons back to a phone screen. It can be required if there is a need to change something in app’s settings or to hide some other icons.
The solution is easy: you have to change status from Off to On. Go to SB Settings and just repeat th